Aims & Goals

Aims and Goals

The aim of ‘the churchie’ is to enhance recognition of, and offer a unique award to emerging artists over the age of 18 years.  ‘the churchie’ is a prestigious, highly respected competition which continues to fulfil a number of goals, including to:

  1. Identify, promote and celebrate Australia’s emerging artists;
  2. Exhibit high quality emerging art to the public by providing a forum within which emerging art can be viewed, studied and criticised;
  3. ​​Promote artistic endeavours and education in young people. 


Professional Development

In 2019  ‘the churchie’ continues to provide the opportunity for all finalists to work closely and collaboratively with the Curator/s from its partner institution. This curatorial approach allows finalists to discuss and further develop how their arts practice is best presented in a gallery setting.

The application form requires the submission of up to three artworks, a website and relevant professional information to allow the preselection judges to assess an artist’s practice in its entirety, rather than by individual artwork alone. Once selected, finalists may be approached to provide images of other available artwork, propose an idea for new artwork, or consider alternative installation options for the finalists’ exhibition.

'the churchie' is committed to working directly with emerging artists in a mentorship style capacity and to presenting a contemporary, engaging and cohesive exhibition from the next generation of Australian artists.